January 2013



European Portuguese Beginners: 18 Jan.   (2nd part) – 36h

European Portuguese Elementary: 8 Jan.    36h

*Brazilian Portuguese  Elementary: 21 Jan.   60h

Brazilian Portuguese for Business: 9 Jan    15h

Private lessons

Portuguese for Business

*In September, 2012, the School of Continuing Studies launched a certificate program in Brazilian Portuguese with Camões, I.P., at  Camões – Toronto. “Portuguese for Beginners”, the first level of the certificate program, will be at the School of Continuing Studies of the University of Toronto. Subsequent levels will be at Camões – Toronto.

Portuguese Language Certificate

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With the current changes in our global economy, Portuguese is becoming more and more important for business in the Greater Toronto Area. In order to better meet the growing demand and give students an opportunity to achieve proficiency in Brazilian and European Portuguese, Humber offers a six-course certificate program. Although the scope of the program is general in nature, students can apply their language skills to various areas such as business travel, general interest and employment options.
Students looking to earn the Portuguese Language Certificate begin their studies at their appropriate level rather than having to start at the beginner level. Occasionally, Humber’s upper-level Portuguese courses may not be offered due to enrolment fluctuations. In such cases, students can complete their upper-level Portuguese courses through the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto, in collaboration with Instituto Camões, and still qualify for the Humber Portuguese Language Certificate provided that they have completed a minimum of two Portuguese courses at Humber.

Refer to the individual course listings for information on the following courses.


For additional information: http://calendardb.humber.ca/LIS/WebCalendar/CE/ProgramOffering.do?name=09431


PORT 101 Portuguese 1 – Beginner NEW!

PORT 102 Portuguese 2 – Novice High NEW!

PORT 103 Portuguese 3 – Intermediate Low NEW!

PORT 104 Portuguese 4 – Intermediate High

PORT 105 Portuguese 5 – Advanced

PORT 106 Portuguese 6 – Advanced High


Poliglotti – Study Finds Increase in Brain Power by Learning Foreign Languages


Brain growth is stimulated by learning languages.

An intensive study of foreign tongues stimulates the brain growth of the hippocampus and other positive effects, according to specialists and a study at the Swedish Academy.

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