European Day of Languages – Adult Event

In the evening, the adult event of the celebration of the EDL took place at the Goethe Institut from 5 to 8. Many were those who attended in the hope of experiencing as many European languages as possible. Sample classes and “speak dating” were offered in 11 languages.

At the end the Canadian Opera Company gave a lovely performance in some of the European languages.

Aula de português europeu.Com o simpático grupo responsável pelas instituições organizadoras do evento: Goethe Institut, Camões Toronto, Alliance Française, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Spanish Centre e Prologue.

European Day of Languages in Toronto – Youth Event

On the past 26th September the European Day of Languages was celebrated in Toronto by the EUNIC members in the city (Camões Toronto, Alliance Française, Goethe Institut, Istituto Italiano di Cultura and the Spanish Centre) in two events, one for youth of both Toronto School Boards and another for adults. The first session took place at the new  theatre of the Alliance Française of Toronto, where  interesting and interacting  performances of the  responsibility of our usual partner in the celebration of this day:   Prologue for the Performing Arts. Performances were done by Maderaz Latin Music: Fiesta & Carnaval and by Faustwork Mask Theatre – Le masque est le message.

Camões Toronto's photo.Camões Toronto's photo.Camões Toronto's photo.

Plano de Incentivo à Leitura

Another library delivered today to Cristina Ribeiro, director of the Escola Lusitana de Kitchener.

Mais uma biblioteca entregue hoje à professora Cristina Ribeiro, diretora da Escola Lusitana de Kitchener. Agora, é só começar a ler!


Plano de Incentivo à Leitura




Chegaram as primeiras bibliotecas para as escolas do Canadá. Uma iniciativa do Camões, IP., no âmbito do Plano de Incentivo à Leitura. A primeira foi entregue hoje à professora Ana Jesus, diretora da escola portuguesa de Cambridge – Portuguese School of Cambridge.




First libraries have arrived for schools in Canada. An initiative of Camões, IP., as part of the Incentive to Read Program (Plano de Incentivo à Leitura). The first library was given to the teacher Ana Jesus, director of the Portuguese School of Cambridge.