Camões Toronto has taught over 100 students!

O Centro de Língua Camões em Toronto, no Canadá, já ensinou português a mais de uma centena de alunos adultos, disse à Lusa a coordenadora do ensino naquele país

Segundo Ana Paula Ribeiro, o Centro de Língua Portuguesa do Camões, Instituo da Cooperação e da Língua, a funcionar no Consulado Geral de Portugal em Toronto, além do português europeu “também disponibiliza aulas de português do Brasil”.

“Temos um memorando de entendimento com a School of Continuing Studies da Universidade de Toronto, que se tem revelado bastante importante. No caso dos alunos do curso de português do Brasil, todos recebem um certificado das duas instituições no final do curso, que se inicia na School of Continuing Studies e continua no Centro de Língua Portuguesa”, afirmou.

A Coordenadora do Ensino do Português no Canadá explicou que as aulas  do Centro de Língua funcionam ao fim do dia para classes, decorrendo durante o dia as aulas individuais.

Outro dos aspetos positivos que a coordenadora salientou foi o trabalho conjunto com outros institutos culturais europeus presentes na cidade de Toronto.

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European Book Club

untitled « 1914 » by Jean Echenoz (in English)

December 10 at 6:30 pm 

Toronto Public Reference Library

Free entrance

First opus of this reading club organised with our European collaborators in Toronto. Martha Baillie, Canadian author, will be our host. The reading club will take place in the Reference Library’s “Discussion room”, located on the 3rd floor.


Rather than trying to compete with the war frescoes, Jean Echenoz chose to evoke shoulder-high the conflict of 14-18, telling how war interrupted and changed the daily life of five teenagers leaving somewhere in the Vendée. The beginning of the book is set on a morning of August 1914; those five teenagers, born and raised in the same village, are gathered together in the barracks with all of the reservists from the village. Among them, the reserved Anthime, 23 years old, his older brother the dashing Charles, as well as Padioleau, Bossis and Arcenel. Anthime, “average size citizen with a common face”, is the main protagonist of the book. The book includes fifteen chapters, like fifteen paintings over which the writer developed his range, from blue to gray, this latest being declined in a subtle range –steel, storm, opaque, ashen or obscure.

Echenoz always keeps the perfect and clear line that we know him, this line so bright that stylized and intensifies the silhouettes, the sets, the slightest actions and details.

The book is available at The Toronto Public Library.

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