York University, October 8th – Lusophone Coffee Hour with Miriam Ringel

Miriam Ringel holds a Ph.D. in Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies and a M.A. in Comparative Literature, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Dr Ringel was the Head of Literature Studies in Ort – Colleges & Schools for Advanced Technologies & sciences (1991-2007). Her first book was published in Hebrew in 2009 entitled Viagem na Senda das Vozes – A Obra e a Vida de José Saramago (Journey Following the Voices – Life and Work of José Saramago) by Carmel Publishing House, Jerusalem, Israel and Fundação José Saramago, Portugal. Her second book, in print to be published soon, follows her Ph.D. dissertation entitled Imagination and Moral Imagination in José Saramago’s Work.


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