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European Day of Languages Toronto 2017

European Day of Languages Toronto 2017, September 29. We will offer free sample classes in 13 European languages, an intimate string quartet concert experience by Pocket Concerts, language games and quizzes and more.
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Estrelas do Fado – Painting Exhibition

Grand Opening of the Exhibition “Estrelas do Fado”.

Friday, September 1st 

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto

438 University Ave., Suite 1400

Pessoa Unveiled – Exhibition

Pessoa Unveiled is an itinerant group exhibition of Portuguese illustrators that aims to bring Canadians the many different cultural layers representative of the Portuguese identity and contemporary art scene. The grand opening will happen on September 11, at 6:00 p.m. (University of Toronto, Robarts Library, 130 St. George Street, 1st floor).

Portuguese – Speaking Students – Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities for Portuguese-speaking students on Campus (Keele).
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Where to learn Portuguese?

Find out here where Portuguese classes are offered and the libraries with Portuguese Books.

Estudos Lusófonos na Universidade de Montreal

Université de Montreal
Département de littératures et de langues du monde
Mineure en études lusophones

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Certificação das Aprendizagens do Ensino de Português no Estrangeiro- 1ª Época

Certificação das Aprendizagens do Ensino Português no Estrangeiro (EPE) – 1.ª Época

Pautas finais do processo de certificação das aprendizagens do Ensino Português no Estrangeiro (EPE) – 1.ª Época – Europa (Alemanha, França, Suíça) e América (Canadá e Estados Unidos da América).

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Para qualquer informação  relacionada com este assunto é favor contactar a Coordenadora de Ensino : 416-217-0981

European Book Club-The Shelf Life of Hapiness

The Portuguese author, David Machado, will be in Toronto between October 20th and 24th.

Call for Papers- York University

Call for Papers
Expressions of Lusofonia – International Conference.

October 25, 26 and 27, 2018
York University, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies – Toronto/Canada.

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University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Ready to expand your horizons? Open your world by studying a new language or honing your skills in translation. Explore our 14 language certificates and 6 translation certificates today.

For Portuguese language courses there is a partnership with Camões Toronto.

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