Multilingual Children’s Bookshop

PORTUGUESE TOT TIME – 2 to 4 years old

Singing, dancing and story time in Portuguese.

Thursdays @ 10:15  (Sept  19 to Oct. 31)

6 sessions 45 minutes

$120 (HST included)

PORTUGUESE PLAY TIME – 4 to 6 years old
Story time, crafts, activities, singing and fun with language.
Thursdays @ 4 (Sept. 19 to Oct. 31)
6 sessions 90 minutes

$130 (HST included)


For registration and information please call the store 647-975-8800
Registration must be done in person at the store where all  classes and activities
will take place.  Fees are due upon  registration.  Classes must reach minimum enrollment.
If minimum  numbers  are not reached fees will be refunded in full.   No refunds
or  credits for missed classes.

Sunday September 22, 2013
Like every year we will be at the Word on the Street.
Come on down and visit our booth in KidStreet – KS32

165 Lauder Avenue, Toronto, M6E 3H3   *  647-975-8800


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